Each year our board is assisted by several committees in making sure that our members are entertained. The current ones are the Social events, the Newsletter, and the Outreach committee. 

The Social events committee organizes most of Synthesis’ social events (you would never guess, right?). Some events, such as the borrels and Syntherklaas (our version of the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas), are recurring, but mostly the committee is free in thinking of and organizing events.  

Our members are informed of our events through many channels, but the most important is the Newsletter. This Newsletter also contains other information, such as interviews with students and introductions of the board members. 

Because Synthesis spans all the ReMa’s of the Faculty of Arts, we have an outreach committee. This committee is tasked with thinking of ways to improve our communication to the students and informing the students from all ReMa’s of everything Synthesis.