Who are the people behind the organisation of Synthesis? How do they look, what are their interests and most important of all, what are their favourite drinks? You can read it all on this page, where we introduce ourselves to you.

Our president is the lovely Evelien. She doing the ReMa Classical, Medieval, and Early Modern studies, more specifically the Classics track. Evelien was already an active member of Synthesis, organizing drinks with the Social Event committee. Before that, she was the president of her bachelor study association, so she has enough experience to make Synthesis great again. Evelien loves Italian cuisine and loves to spend time perfecting her Italian sauces. 

Meggy is our secretary. Typing very fast is her special quality and she loves to organize administration stuff and drinks. Like Evelien, she is doing the ReMa Classical, Medieval, and Early Modern studies, but she specializing in Early Modern history. Meggy was not very active as a member in her first year, but that was mainly because was still active in the advisory committee for another association. She also did a board year in that one, organizing a big event that lasted for a week and had around 5000 visitors. She was responsible for the location and the bar, so Meggy knows how to throw a party.

Last but not least, Epameindondas, our treasurer. Surprisingly, he studies Classical, Medieval and Early Modern studies. Also, we call him Epa, because that is easier to pronounce. If you see him and don’t recognize him, don’t worry. He now has an immense beard, which makes him unrecognizable from his picture.