Everyone hoped that everything would return to normal. Not the ‘new’ normal we have gotten used to over the past couple of months, no, we hoped for the ‘old’ normal. But instead, the university will provide us with something new again, one could say a new ‘new’ normal. Aiming for a hybrid form of teaching, the university will offer both physical and online classes. However, it is still unclear what the regulations will be regarding study associations. Thus we have decided to plan, much like the hybrid classes, to plan both physical and online events for the first semester. You will hear from us soon what exactly these events will be. Regarding the physical events, we will plan for these in order to be prepared in case the university decides we are allowed to host these kinds of events again (of course taking into account our 1.5-meter society). If the university decides otherwise, we will simply host our events online.

The university regularly updates its corona-news, but we will try to keep you up to date as well, as these posts are not always easy to be found and do not always contain all the information. Most recently, the university has informed its students about the official Opening of the Academic Year 2020-2021 that will take place on Monday 31 August.  The university will open a live youtube stream at 2 pm. For more information on this event (and eventually the youtube link) see the university’s website.

One last thing all students should be aware of: the city has just announced that in the weekend on Friday and Saturday night a curfew is now in force inside the ‘Diepenring‘ (for everyone not familiar with this term: the innercity of Groningen is surrounded by canals named ‘diepen’). This new measure entails that:

  • All pubs will close their doors at 01:30: if you are inside the pub at this time, you can stay. After 01.30 you can no longer enter
  • At 01:30 all eating places, night shops, and windows that sell products will be closed.
  • At 01:30 all terraces will be closed, meaning you should leave at that time.
  • From 01:30 on, laughing gas can not be sold anymore.

We hope to see you at all our events and look forward to the next year.


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